Tuesday, June 06, 2017

ComicsDC "interviews" Stan Lee for Awesome Con

by Mike Rhode

Stan Lee will be making an appearance at Awesome Con soon from June 16-18th, and yesterday local media got to send in questions and sit in on a phone conference while Mr. Lee answered some of them. I don't know who else was on the call, and don't want to step on their articles, but here are my two q&a's.

Q1 - In your most optimistic moment, either writing the comics during the 1960s, or pitching them after moving to California, could you ever have imagined the overwhelming success that the Marvel movie universe has had?

Stan Lee: No, I never in a million years thought it would turn out the way it did. I used to lecture around the country, around the world actually -- I went to Italy, to Germany, all over, and I'd speak at colleges and places telling them that comics were really a good way to tell a story. You're seeing the action and you're reading the dialogue. It's not much different from going to the theater and seeing a Shakespeare play. You're hearing the words and you're seeing the action. The differences is that in comics, the characters don't move, but it's the same thing; you hear the words while seeing the action. There's nothing wrong with the comic form. Actually, it's a great form -- it's just how well you do it.
One thing I'm going to mention parenthetically - the word 'comic book' should never be written as two words, because if it's written as two words, it means a comic book, a funny book. It should be one word - comicbook - that makes it a unique type of literature.

Q2 - Which Marvel character, that you created or worked on, do you think is under-rated and under-appreciated and is due for a revival, either in comics or on film?

Stan Lee: I think the Silver Surfer has been underrated. I think he's a great character. The thing I like about him - I was always able to get [in] a lot of bits of philosophy that he would utter. They don't use him as much as I wish they would. He's one of my favorite characters.

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Here's more information on his appearances:

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Bagels & Coffee with Stan – Saturday, June 17, 8:00 am  SOLD OUT
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Stan Lee Museum Pop-Up
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Stan Lee Q&A – Sunday, June 18, 10:30 am
Stan Lee will host a panel on Awesome Con's main stage on Sunday, June 18, answering questions from attendees about his career and his work over the years. Entry to the Stan Lee Q&A is included with Awesome Con tickets.

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